Welcome to rots.net!

The Rogue pages are still live, although I haven't touched them in years. My apologies to everyone who emailed and didn't get a response. My original mailbox has long since overflowed, and I'm not going near it anymore. It's a bit like Dirk Gently's fridge... Lurking...

So my profound apologies for not getting back to you. I really am sorry. But I've now decided to face reality and remove the mailto: links on this site. It's just not worth the spam.
And - really - if you want to port Rogue to another platform, it'll take more than tweaking the source that's here to make it work...

So in the spirit of maintaining a website with a house, two kids and a job:
Last updated: sometime in the 21st century
The Dungeons of Doom My Rogue pages which feature information on all aspects of the game Rogue. The pages are PC-Rogue specific, though they should apply fairly well to most editions of the game.
Rots family website Various things pertaining to the Rots family - at the moment, just the family tree (in its most recent form - no guarantee that it's up to date), but future improvements may include the family address book (accessible to family members only) and a bulletin board.
Pictures! At long last, a place that we'll try to update with pictures of our various adventures.